My Alarm Clock App Reviews

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Nothing good to say

Very disappointing, this app is an absolute waste of money, I was charged too much for too little

Alarm time keeps changing on its own!!

I have two allarms set for the week. The second allarm keeps changing on it’s own. It is reall weird and frustrating because this app has worked flawlesly for the last few years. I don’t understand and I am frustrated because it worked fine before. Why?

may or may not work

Doesn’t do what I wanted it to do. I specifically wanted to access a particular item on my playlist and this app did not access the full gamut of items on the iTunes playlist. Therefore, it did not do what I wanted and therefore I didn’t try it.

Absolute Rubbish

Will NOT access a single music file from my iTunes. Totally misleading.

My Alarm Clock!!!

I would be lost without it. I’m 73 and I have to take my meds at certain hours day and night and MY ALARM CLOCK wakes me and reminds me when to take my pills. Before I got this wonderful program I would forgot when to take my pills and lots of time forget I had taken them. I don’t have this problem any more thanks to this program. God Bless the people that came up with MY ALARM CLOCK!!! James Corbin Heaton, Tucson, Arizona, USA

Waking up to Death Metal!!!!!

With this alarm clock app I can now wake up every morning for work to sounds of heavy metal and punk music. I set it on wake up to music and when the time comes the alarm wakes me up to the blithering, heart pounding sounds of bands like Goatwhore, Behemoth, Motorhead, Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Bongzilla, Electric Wizard,the Misfits and Napalm Death! What an awesome way to get up at 6AM!

clock on dock is a static picture :-{

I got this because i wanted a clock on my dock but wond up with a lame clock for the desktop area which seems pointless

got me a clock that will last me a lifetime

love the sleep mode I can fall asleep to our favorite mellow music from our playlist, we each have 6 songs on the list

It’s ok

I just wish I didn’t have to do so much manual work for it to go off w/o being plugged up. But other than that it’s like the alarm clock i had growing up! And i like that!

Doesnt Work

My alarm didnt go off this morning. (Luckily I made it to class on time anyway.) When I closed and re-opened the app, my 3 scheduled alarms had all been reset to random times. 1/5 stars -- not recommended.

Blocks reboot

This app basically does its job. Nothing to write home about but it does what it promises. Normally I’d rate it 3 or 4. However when I restart my computer I usually walk away and do something else. Reboot takes a long time on my machine. When I come back I discover that it is waiting for "My Alarm Clock" to quit and the app is waiting for me to close a dialog box to basically say “Yes you stupid app. I did intend to shut down my computer! Go away! Yes I did realize that shuting down my computer will turn off the alarm clock app. If that wasn’t obvioius I would have figured it out the first time you told me. I don’t need to hear that warning again, and again, and again…” Sheesh!

Just OK

My biggest gripe - from a visual and design perspective - I don’t really know when the alarms are actually on. There’s a big white button that says “ON”, but in reality, its off. Why not make it a green and red switch? Just something to better convey its on and currently active?

Great Clock but...

Great clock for the Macbook. I wish the clock on the dock was live and not just a static icon.

Hasn’t worked once.

I’ve had this app for about a week maybe a little over. Hasn’t worked once. I’ve followed all the instructions, and its failed to work every morning. Not worth it. Dont waste your money.

Does What You Would Expect

This app is a little full of itself. Its says “IF YOU CLOSE ME YOUR ALARMS WILL GO AWAY” and it is like “PLEASE RATE ME AND SAY HOW WONDERFUL I AM”. Did it ever occur to the developers to leave us alone? Ok, your app is all shiny and pretty and has alot of text telling us how to get around Apples not-clock-freindly OS. Also it likes teleporting to the front of your windows all the time and it never likes to go away. It is just a really anoying, attention wanting little kid.

Doesn’t work when the computer is asleep

I set 3 alarms b/c I’m one of those that doesnt get up right away… I don’t like to leave the screen on all night so I didn’t use the screen saver skin with the time. I don’t want to burn out my screen and I like it pitch black when I go to bed. When the computer shuts down after a period of no activity and sleeps, so does the app. So none of the 3 alarms I set went off. I need an alarm, not a giant screen saver clock at night. I have plenty of clocks around the house, but none of them play my itunes music. And now neither does this one I’m finding out...

It’s ok, but that’s about it

When I pay for an application I do so because I dont want to be botherred by adds. This app consistantly keeps displaying annoying adds. If I wanted the weather app, I’d get it! Otherwise, it does what it does, it’s an alarm clock.

a customer

Excellent!Simple and has enough alarm sounds.

It’s OK

Would have more visual resources, like skins, weather graph on display, Feedly reader and so on… but it does what it is suppose to do...


This is a decent app and there is some nice options but dont you pay for an app so it doesn’t have add pop ups? This is not the case with this app. boo-urns guys, boo-urns for sure

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